physical therapy

Physical Therapy

With state of the art rehabilitation equipment, Mountain View Pain Center is able to combine our knowledge of anatomy and the muscular system, with the latest technologies to appropriate treat all type of injuries. Our chiropractic doctors are board certified in physiotherapy, and have extensive training in the neurological aspects of therapeutic exercises and physical therapy. Mountain View Pain Center has a wide assortment of electrical modalities, weight systems, taping techniques, a decompression system, and soft tissue therapies allowing us to treat all sorts of acute, chronic, and post surgical injuries.

With our physical therapy techniques combined with our chiropractic, rehab, and nutritional protocols we are able to speed the patient’s recovery time, and reduce your number of visits to the office. At Mountain View Pain Center we encourage our patients to take an active role in the recovery by presenting them with exercises they can perform at home to not only increase the healing process, but to prevent further injuries or complications.